I wanted to make a big ball-shaped pillow, basically a plush medicine ball.  This takes a little bit of machine sewing, but it's nothing complicated.

I plan to do a couple more in other basic colors, to have a nice set to kick around the living room.

Step 1: Materials

Polyester filler

Cutting tools
Sewing machine
<p>this does make a nice ball, but i found for a cleaner look its better to leave one of the ends of the ball (where all the flaps meet) open and stuff there, then sew it up and put the circle patch on it</p>
<p>I love these instructions!! I don't have much patience for really long and involved projects, but I tried to make some fleece sleeping shorts, which didn't quite work out. So, I decided to try and make the ball with the fleece from my shorts. I love the way it turned out!! My fleece was very thin, and my ball was lumpy, but it still looks great!! I'm thinking of maybe making my ball into a pumpkin plush. Thanks again so much for putting this on Instructables!!!!</p>
(n_n) I made one of these for my puppy. I forward and reverse stitched each spot to make sure it's extra sturdy and inside I placed a rattle and a squeaker I bought from the craft store and made her a custom dog toy. She loves squishing it in her mouth hearing the squeak of the squeak and kicking it around to hear the rattle.
Balls are just so convenient, aren't they?

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