Step 7: Tutorial Termination

So that's it.

an adorable little companion that is sure to bring you satisfaction.

I hope you have fun making you plush cube monster.
any questions on the process just comment.

sorry if this is a bit rushed, I'm really pressed for time but wanted to put this up.

:) eh, Enjoy!
<p>I made several :)</p>
<p>I loved the idea but I made mine without the ears and used black teddy bear eyes instead of butons.</p>
could this be modified in size and made into a cat plushie?
These are darling I can't wait to make them
Thanks again!
Sorry I have one more question. Where did you get fabric for the fuzzy one that you showed first? it looks really soft and adorable!
It's no problem. I got that fabric at Jo-ann's, however I haven't really been able to find it again. It has been hard for me to find a fuzzy faux fur that I really like without paying a mint online :(
I made a creeper one.
i made mine into a companion cube from portal tnx
How did you plan out the changes to the cube shape to add the legs? I'd like to make my second with legs, but I'm a beginner and am unsure how to do that.
These are beautiful! <br>I was given my first sewing machine just a few days ago. A little guy called QByte is the first thing I made with it.<br><br>Had to hand-stitch the horns &amp; mouth, but it's so lovely working with a machine. <br><br>Thank you for a great instructable!
:) I'm so happy to hear!! I hope you have much luck in the future experimenting with your machine. I know I was happy as a clam when I finally got mine :)
what type of material did you use for the horns? (i may have missed where you mentioned it, if you did mention it.)
It was some scrap that I found laying around, I'm not sure exactly what it is, but it's a very sheer, and flowing material. It really shouldn't matter what you use for your horns, but if I could have I would have used something that was thicker and shiny just to give it more attention :)
I would love to make one! How much fabric did you use?
Honestly not that much. I couldn't tell you exactly how much fabric I used because I've made a ton of these little guys and the recipe for the design changes slightly every time, but I would say if you have 1/4 of a yard you should have enough.
Thanks so much!
the plushmonster is sooooo cute<br><br>
the yeti is amazing<br>
You made this to be one of a kind
the yetis sooooooo cute
eeeeeeee thanks :)
adorable :D keep up the good work with the epicness :))
it can&acute;t be a Monster, it&acute;s so cute!
This is great. At first I thought the horns were eyes and the eyes were nostrils.
haha thats funny... it took me a while to see it that way but its cute either way :)
What kind of fabric did you use on the yeti monster? Its super cute.<br>
I used a white faux fur from Jo-Ann's. It's a little pricey but it's really soft and you honestly don't need a lot of it. In the end you can use really any fabric that you want - but out of the ones I have made, I think I like the fuzzy fur one the best :P
awww, definately one of the cutest little guys on here! 5*
Adorable! :D
Thanks :P
Yep! :D
Cute, I like the little blue guy.
These are SO darling! &lt;3

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