Plush Donut Shop Sewing Pattern





Introduction: Plush Donut Shop Sewing Pattern

Kids will love running their own donut shop! Sew the easy plush donuts and print the donut shop coloring pages so they can design their shop.

Step 1: Sew the Donuts!

Pin the donut pattern to double layered brown or beige felt or fleece fabric and cut around the outside as well as the hole in the middle. Use brown for chocolate and beige for vanilla.

With fabric right sides together, sew completely around the outside of the donut.

Reverse right side out.

Stuff with polyester stuffing and whipstitch the center of the donut by hand.

Step 2: Cut and Decorate the Frosting!

Pin the frosting pattern to felt or fleece fabric in desired color and cut around the outside as well as the hole in the middle.

Decorate the frosting as desired. Glue on plastic jewels or buttons to make the sprinkles. Glue on plastic google eyes and backstitch a mouth to give your donut a face! Drizzle coloring glitter glue. Sew sprinkles with embroidery floss.

Glue the frosting to the top of the donut.

Step 3: Design Your Donut Shop!

Print out the coloring pages and play money and have the kids design and run their new donut shop!



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