Picture of Plush Fuzz Pedal
Standard fuzz pedals were just not fuzzy enough for me. Only the fuzziest fuzz pedal was going to be suitable for my musical endeavors. I searched high and low for the fuzziest fuzz pedal in the land, but I couldn't find it. Finally, I resolved that if I wanted a fuzzy fuzz pedal, I was going to have make my own. After much careful analysis and planing, I can confidently say that I have made the fuzziest guitar fuzz pedal ever to grace this planet Earth. If that's not enough to wet your whistle, it's squishy too.

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Step 1: Go get stuff

Picture of Go get stuff
You will need:

A yard of white felt
A square foot of neoprene
A white feather boa (or two)
White thread
Sewing needle
Safety pins
Six square inches of conductive fabric
1/4" Female to 1/4" Female audio cable
Acrylic and an awesome Epilog laser cutter (or a standard PCB)
2N3904 transistor
2N5088 transistor
0.1uF capacitor
2.2uF capacitor
22uF capacitor
(3X) 100K resistors
1.2K resistor
10K resistor
Wire rings
9V regulated power source with M-type adapter
M-Type audio plug
An eyelet tool
Fabric glue
(x2) One inch thick 3" foam squares
White gaffers tape
Misc hardware (nuts and bolts, etc)
Misc hand tools (scissors, pliers, etc)

Step 2: Fabric Switch Prep

Picture of Fabric Switch Prep
Cut out two 5" square pieces off neoprene and one slightly larger piece of neoprene that is roughly 6" x 5".

Then cut out two relatively thin, but equal sized strips of conductive fabric that are roughly 5" x 1.5".

Step 3: Glue conductive fabric

Picture of Glue conductive fabric
Glue the conductive to the neoprene such that the conductive fabric hangs an extra inch off the edge.

Fold this extra bit of fabric onto the back of the neoprene and glue it down on the other side.

Repeat and make another

Tip: It helps when gluing if you weight it down for a few minutes with something heavy like "The Art of Electronics" textbook.
mni ming yun9 months ago


jphoton4 years ago
nice fuzz...literally and figuratively!
love that ya used a variant of uncle beavis's fuzz...too cool!!
TheGreatS4 years ago
Could you post a JPEG or some other image of the pattern, just for those of us who don't want to have to go to the trouble of opening those files through other means to get the picture content.
randofo (author)  TheGreatS4 years ago
You can open an .eps on most computers.
What Program do I need to use to open it? I've tried Gimp, POV-Ray, and Adobe Reader.
Never mind, I found a pattern online at .
silfrgluggr4 years ago
HAHAHA! I totally lost it at the video XD this is the best fuzz ever!!!!!!! EVAR!!!!!!
basskitty4 years ago
I'm not a stranger to working with electronics, but I'm still kinda new to things like this. What direction would current flow in this circuit, or does it matter? I would imagine so.
Atomman6 years ago
Put it in a teddy bear, give him a hug and rock!
bustedit6 years ago
how about the "Wuzza Bear"?
scoochmaroo6 years ago
I think you should just call it Fuzz Pedal
randofo (author)  scoochmaroo6 years ago
How about "Fuzziest Fuzz Pedal"?
I think "Fuzzy Fuzz Pedal" covers it
stevie16 years ago
its missing some giant GOOGLEY eyes! \m/ ( ' . ' ) \m/ rock on!