I made a plush mobile phone sleeve that looks like an Iphone.  The phone sleeve is made using faux fur, felt and a print of an Iphone screen  You can keep your Iphone protected in it's sleeve and still let everyone know what type of phone you have.

This is what I made for the Instructable's gift exchange.

Note: These instructions can easily be modified to create a plush Iphone instead of a phone sleeve.  See step 12 for this.

Step 1: Materials and Tools

  • Plush fabric
  • Black and grey felt
  • Colour printer and photo quality paper
  • Glue or Mod Podge
  • Scissors
  • Thread
  • Sewing machine
  • Pins and needles

Step 2: Measure and Cut Fabric

I don't actually have an Iphone so I made a cardboard stand-in.  I found the dimensions at the Apple website.  Since I don't know which model the gift recipient has I made the stand-in based on the size of the largest one. 
  • I used this cardboard stand-in (covered in duct tape) to measure the length and width I would need for the felt inside lining. 
  • The width of the felt is the width of the phone plus twice the phone's depth (since we are making a sleeve for the phone to fit inside) and and the seam allowance.
  • The length is measured the same way, the size includes the length of the phone plus twice the depth and the seam allowance.
  • Once the felt piece has been cut out simply use that as the template to cut the same size piece of plush fabric. 

Step 3: Pin and Sew Fabric Together

We will now sew the two pieces of fabric together, the felt inside liner and the plush fabric for the outside of the sleeve.
  • Place one fabric on top of the other with right sides together (ie. the plush side is facing the felt) and pin together.
  • Using a sewing machine sew the two pieces together leaving one end open.
  • Using the end of the sleeve left open turn the fabric right side out and hand stitched closed.

Step 4: Front Panel: Printing the Screen

I used a printed image of an Iphone screen to make the Apps on the front panel of the sleeve.  I found an image using Google Images.  You can use  photo editing software to add other App icons to personalize it, I added the Instructables' Robot. The image was printed on glossy photo paper.

Step 5: Front Panel: Coating the Print

I coated the print to protect it from wear and tear with a clear glue.  Mod Podge or a clear acrylic spray can be used as well, best to test it first in case it causes the ink to run.  I used a foam brush, since a regular brushes tend to leaves lines.  Coat evenly and generously over the whole print, avoid air bubbles.  Leave to dry somewhere away from dust and curious cats.  The glue I used takes 24hrs to cure completely.  When dry cut away the white background so we have just the Iphone screen.

Step 6: Front Panel: Cutting the Felt

  • To start with we need two equal sized pieces of felt that are larger than the screen (we will trim it down to the right size later). 
  • Print out a draft image of the phone panel on regular paper (make sure it is the exact size as the one in step 4). 
  • With a sewing machine sew the print on top of one of the black felt pieces.
  • Cut out each of the squares for the Apps with fine scissors making sure it cuts through the paper and felt.
  • For the four icons at the bottom, just cut out a rectangle rather than individual squares (see image 4)
  • Cut out a rectangle of grey felt the size of the grey portion of the screen and cut out the four squares as you did with the black piece.
  • Remove the draft print and stitching from the felt and align over the glossy  print (from step 4) and check that you can fully see the icons underneath trim if necessary.

Step 7: Front Panel: Glueing Felt

  • To glue the panel together, first coat the back of the print with glue and centre it onto the piece of felt without the squares. 
  • Cover the backside of the felt with the squares with glue and place over the print (on the back felt piece).  Make sure that the squares are aligned properly over the Apps.
  • Apply glue to the back of the grey piece and place on the appropriate spot on black felt.
  • Wipe off excess glue and allow to dry.

Step 8: Front Panel: Adding Details

To finish up the panel I sewed on some final details.
  • With a sewing machine and white thread, I sewed the edge of the screen (image one below).
  • Although the grey part of the screen is glued on, I reinforced it by sewing around the edge, to ensure is stays on (image two).
  • I cut a small piece of grey fabric for the earpiece and hand stitched it in place (image three).
  • I hand stitched the time, battery life and signal reception with white thread on the top part of the screen (image three).

Step 9: Front Panel: Sewing Onto Plush

Once all of the details have been sewn on you can trim the piece of felt to the right size and round the edges.  Pin the panel to the front side of the sleeve, make sure it is in the right orientation (see image two) and centred.  Sew onto the sleeve using a sewing machine or by hand stitching.

Step 10: Adding the Logo

It's not an Iphone without the Apple logo.  I used a piece of black felt and cut out the shape of the logo.  Hand stitch the logo to the back of the phone sleeve near the top.  If the plush is really thick like the stuff I used you may need to trim the pile a bit to see the logo more clearly.

Step 11: Sewing Together the Sleeve

To finish up, we need to sew the sides together to form the sleeve.  I was going to do it with a sewing machine but it was too thick to fit under the foot and needle so I hand stitched it. 
  • Fold the fabric in half and pin together making sure the ends line up.
  • Hand stitch the sides together leaving the top end open.
  • If the fabric is quite plush you can do the sewing on the outside since you won't see the stitches they will be hidden by the pile.

Step 12: Iphone Plushy

To convert this into a plushy instead of a phone sleeve is pretty simple.
  • In step 2 and 3, omit the felt liner, you just need the plush fabric.
  • After step 11, fill the sleeve with batting and hand stitch the top opening closed.

So great ! i'm going to make one for my husband....
I recently joined the <em>Android</em> faction, but I love <em>iPhones</em> when faux!<br> <br> Great idea! (My <em>HTC Legend</em> pretending to be an <em>iPhone</em>, that would be funny.)<br> <br> <sub>BTW, I also have a faux <em>iPhone</em> project.</sub><br>
You also have a faux iphone project, live to see it!
<a href="https://www.instructables.com/id/iPhone-Stand-1/">As promised...</a><br>
hi want unlock my i phone 3GS .pls help me soon <br>
Sorry, this was a gift for someone, I don't have an iphone myself. If your post your question <a href="https://www.instructables.com/tag/type-question/">here.</a> I'm sure someone can help you there.<br>
Awesome bit of creativity!<br><br>If you create a plastic sleeve for your iPhone to slip into you will have a much sturdier case. At the moment you run the risk of damaging your phone if you drop it.
That's a good point. Thanks!
Where might i find plush felt cuz i cant fimd it
They are two pieces of fabric regular felt and plush (which I got at a fabric store) sewn together.
Ok thanks
i pod touch works the same for measuring too right?
Yes, If you have a touch just use that to measure or if it is a gift, you can look up the dimensions on the website.
ok thanks. i have an i touch and that looks really cool.
I got it! At first I was like...
And then I was like...
so then I felt like...
till I was finally like...
Hey, you got it already!
It actually got here las week. Pretty quick.
Great, I thought it would take much longer especially since it had to cross a border.
wow very nice!
Very clever, ChrysN. Good job! Shouldn't this be in some kind of contest? Cman
Thanks Cman! Oh the sewing contest, I thought it might be rude to enter a gift in the contest, especially since the gift went to one of the Instructables' staff.
Awe, sew! Got it! Cman
ohh your case needs an update :)
Why do I want to let people know what kind of phone I have? But I do like fuzzy!
At first glance i thought this was an iphone plush case that was plush and then my first thought was that i had to have one. i was a little disappointed to see that it wasn't an actual iphone case. I am not disappointed, however, about this idea at all though. You did some nice work here. it even fooled me into thinking that there was a real phone in there. Kudos to your attention to detail. i look forward to the iphone 4.0 version (I don't know I guess a 4.0 would have an LED flash too or something) and Thank you for inspiring the plush iphone case that I am going to make.
My thoughts exactly. I want to try to make a case for my touch that I will actually let me use the device.
Ooh, magnificently fuzzy!

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