Step 2: Measure and cut fabric

Picture of Measure and cut fabric
I don't actually have an Iphone so I made a cardboard stand-in.  I found the dimensions at the Apple website.  Since I don't know which model the gift recipient has I made the stand-in based on the size of the largest one. 
  • I used this cardboard stand-in (covered in duct tape) to measure the length and width I would need for the felt inside lining. 
  • The width of the felt is the width of the phone plus twice the phone's depth (since we are making a sleeve for the phone to fit inside) and and the seam allowance.
  • The length is measured the same way, the size includes the length of the phone plus twice the depth and the seam allowance.
  • Once the felt piece has been cut out simply use that as the template to cut the same size piece of plush fabric. 
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nubabuba4 years ago
Where might i find plush felt cuz i cant fimd it
nubabuba4 years ago
i pod touch works the same for measuring too right?
ChrysN (author)  nubabuba4 years ago
Yes, If you have a touch just use that to measure or if it is a gift, you can look up the dimensions on the website.
nubabuba ChrysN4 years ago
ok thanks. i have an i touch and that looks really cool.