Step 2: Measure and Cut Fabric

I don't actually have an Iphone so I made a cardboard stand-in.  I found the dimensions at the Apple website.  Since I don't know which model the gift recipient has I made the stand-in based on the size of the largest one. 
  • I used this cardboard stand-in (covered in duct tape) to measure the length and width I would need for the felt inside lining. 
  • The width of the felt is the width of the phone plus twice the phone's depth (since we are making a sleeve for the phone to fit inside) and and the seam allowance.
  • The length is measured the same way, the size includes the length of the phone plus twice the depth and the seam allowance.
  • Once the felt piece has been cut out simply use that as the template to cut the same size piece of plush fabric. 
So great ! i'm going to make one for my husband....
I recently joined the <em>Android</em> faction, but I love <em>iPhones</em> when faux!<br> <br> Great idea! (My <em>HTC Legend</em> pretending to be an <em>iPhone</em>, that would be funny.)<br> <br> <sub>BTW, I also have a faux <em>iPhone</em> project.</sub><br>
You also have a faux iphone project, live to see it!
<a href="https://www.instructables.com/id/iPhone-Stand-1/">As promised...</a><br>
hi want unlock my i phone 3GS .pls help me soon <br>
Sorry, this was a gift for someone, I don't have an iphone myself. If your post your question <a href="https://www.instructables.com/tag/type-question/">here.</a> I'm sure someone can help you there.<br>
Awesome bit of creativity!<br><br>If you create a plastic sleeve for your iPhone to slip into you will have a much sturdier case. At the moment you run the risk of damaging your phone if you drop it.
That's a good point. Thanks!
Where might i find plush felt cuz i cant fimd it
They are two pieces of fabric regular felt and plush (which I got at a fabric store) sewn together.
Ok thanks
i pod touch works the same for measuring too right?
Yes, If you have a touch just use that to measure or if it is a gift, you can look up the dimensions on the website.
ok thanks. i have an i touch and that looks really cool.
I got it! At first I was like...
And then I was like...
so then I felt like...
till I was finally like...
Hey, you got it already!
It actually got here las week. Pretty quick.
Great, I thought it would take much longer especially since it had to cross a border.
wow very nice!
Very clever, ChrysN. Good job! Shouldn't this be in some kind of contest? Cman
Thanks Cman! Oh the sewing contest, I thought it might be rude to enter a gift in the contest, especially since the gift went to one of the Instructables' staff.
Awe, sew! Got it! Cman
ohh your case needs an update :)
Why do I want to let people know what kind of phone I have? But I do like fuzzy!
At first glance i thought this was an iphone plush case that was plush and then my first thought was that i had to have one. i was a little disappointed to see that it wasn't an actual iphone case. I am not disappointed, however, about this idea at all though. You did some nice work here. it even fooled me into thinking that there was a real phone in there. Kudos to your attention to detail. i look forward to the iphone 4.0 version (I don't know I guess a 4.0 would have an LED flash too or something) and Thank you for inspiring the plush iphone case that I am going to make.
My thoughts exactly. I want to try to make a case for my touch that I will actually let me use the device.
Ooh, magnificently fuzzy!

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