Picture of Plush Leather Fish
02 Fat Fish Vallet 2.JPG
03 Thin Fish Vallet 1.JPG
04 Thin Fish Vallet 2.JPG
In this instructable we will show how to turn a leather fish wallet from Philippines into a plush leather fish.

You will need:
 - leather wallet,
 - thick needles and thick thread,
 - cotton balls
 - and scissors

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Step 1: Cut the Zipper

Picture of Cut the Zipper
06 Fat Fish No Zipper.JPG
07 Thin Fish Vallet No Zipper.JPG
Cut the thread to remove the zipper with scissors as shown in the photo.

Do not cut the leather. Just the thread.

Step 2: Add Cotton Balls

Picture of Add Cotton Balls
09 Thin Fish with Cotton Balls.JPG
Add cotton balls as shown on the photo.

Step 3: Sew the Opening

Picture of Sew the Opening
11 Thin Fish Sewn.JPG
Sew the opening with thick needle and thick thread.

Step 4: Finish

Picture of Finish
13 Thin Fish Complete.JPG
Now your plush fish is complete.
GrfxGawd1 year ago

Way cool work. I used to do leathercrafting, but never crafted anything stuffed in this way. Sort of makes me want to play with leather again. :)