Step 2: The Switch

The switch is positioned at the bottom of the block. Actually, the whole bottom IS the switch. It consists of two conductive layers that are connected to the sound module, with a spacer in between. If the layers touch each other, the circuit closes and the sound is triggered.

1. Cut two sheets of firm plastic, 30.5 cm square.
2. Define the midpoint of each square. Drill a hole in the middle of one sheet. This will be the top of the cube, where the suspension rope will run through. Put it aside.
3. Draw a square from the midpoint on the other sheet, approximately 15 cm wide. Drill holes at the four edges. This will be the connection point for the suspension rope. Drill two more holes, an inch outside the square. Here the wires from the sound module will run through.
4. Turn the sheet upside down. Stick double-sided tape in between the four holes and create a triangle reaching towards one of the outer holes.
5. Cut a piece of aluminum foil in the same shape as the taped figure. Gently stick it to the sheet. This is one part of the switch.
6. Cut a round hole (15 cm diameter) in the sheet of soft foam rubber. This will be your distance-keeper.
7. Cut a square of 20 cm from a flexible (but not too floppy!) piece of plastic sheet. Cover it with aluminum foil.

Tip: the slip-in folders in which you store documents are perfect. It should be able to bend and touch the aluminum when you hit it, yet at the same time spring back to it's original position so it will not make contact all the time.

Now you are done preparing the switch.
This is awesome! Great work. :D

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