I was inspired by another instructable for Eve from Wall-e. Taking a look at Wall-e, he's made of fairly simple shapes. So I grabbed some reference images off the internet, and started plugging away. This is meant to be a Christmas present for my two year old, not to win any beauty contests. It's also intended for her to sleep with, so I wanted it to be as soft as possible, which meant keeping the seams to a minimum and losing some details.

I'm a visual person, so most of the instructions will be in the photos.

Step 1: What You'll Need

I was making this up as I went, so I didn't really check how much fabric I used. It was just what I had available. So I'm pretty sure my list will be more than enough for you.

*A basic knowledge of how to sew with a needle and a machine. I'm far from an expert on sewing, but I made it work.
*It may help to study how to sew a cube.
*Basic sewing supplies, including a sewing machine. I also used a serger, but that is optional.
*A [https://www.instructables.com/id/Cheap-Light-Box-for-drawing-or-inking-or.../ light box] is helpful, but optional.

*About a yard of yellow or orange fleece (you can use other materials if you like, but fleece is really soft).
*About a yard of gray fleece.
*About a half a yard of black fleece.
*A scrap of blue or black satin (about 8" square or so).
*Two very large buttons (At least 1")
*Thread. Duh.
just finished making this. It took a while because my son kept running away with it. Very cool project!! The only things I changed were the color ( my son wanted everything yellow and brown) and I added elbows to the arms (at my husbands request)
Right on! Feel free to post pictures. I'd love to see it.
it would be better if you used yellow instead of tan/gray.
its awesome! i would love to make it, but i dont have the supplies. :(
very cool wall-e i understand why he slouches and you can not get a simple box made one my self and played with it until kitten had hold of it :-<
Wall-E was grey?
Wall-e was gray, yes. He was just a bit rusted after 700 years. :-)
very nice... cuddly Wall-E, it just had to be done.

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