This Instructables is about upgrading a plush toy to give it the ability to sing when baby presses its belly.

Most importantly : it will not play a stupid pre-recorded music, but actually sing mommy's songs, with mommy's voice !

This project started with two goals in mind: customizing a nice gift for my baby, and raising support from my wife in my electronics hobby :-)

Material needed

- plush toy (one that you can tear apart without regret)
- Velcro strips

- Arduino Uno
- MP3 shield (I recommend Sparkfun's https://www.sparkfun.com/products/10628 - the code I will provide is based on this model)
- 0.5W speaker
- 9V battery with its connector and a 2.1mm Jack to plug in the Arduino
- pushbutton
- on-off switch (optional)
- crimp connectors (optional)

Other components
- used credit or fidelity card
- empty business card box.

Level : I assume the reader is comfortable with both Arduino (and shields) and general electronics, including soldering. I will skip many details but do not hesitate to ask in comments, I will reply.

Acknowledgment : Bill Porter has written a MP3 librairy for the Sparkfun shield that greatly facilitated my work (as well as further support in his forum). His website is

Step 1: Ripping Apart Teddy Bear and Stitching It Back

As the title suggest, this step involves sharp blades and open-heart surgery.

Jokes aside - It is important to open the plush toy in the cleanest fashion possible, in order to be able to put in back together at the end.

Look for a long sewing line, for example in the back, and cut the sewing threads with a cutter blade.

Then remove all filler from the belly, and keep it in a plastic bag.

Last step for the preparation of the plush toy : sew two bands of Velcro on each side of the cut.
<p>I think there is a mistake in your code here:</p><p>Line 27 says : </p><p>MP3player.setDiffertialOutput(1); //higher output power and it has to be </p><p>MP3player.setDiffer<strong>en</strong>tialOutputOutput(1); //higher output power</p>
<p>good catch, thanks</p>
<p>Hi Donmatito,</p><p>Great hacking you did there! I was looking for a project similar to the idea I have and I found yours! Although not exactly the same. Thanks to the instructions! May I use the photos in here for the presentation I will be doing? This is my first time ever to do these kind of things and the steps you have here is already a great help. Thanks in advance! Don't worry, I will give you all the credit you deserve! Keep it up!</p>
<p>Hey, you're most welcome, especially if you attribute.</p><p>Can you tell me a bit more about your project and the context where you want to show mine ?</p>
<p>Hi donmatito, thanks for the reply! Project is for my EdX Delft online course. It is a &quot;talking hanger&quot; that gives clothing ensemble suggestions in accordance to outside temperature. (e.g. If it is -12 &deg;C outside, the hanger would say: &quot;it's freezing outside! You need a long sleeve shirt with your thermo pants..etc..etc..) It has a clock, weather station and in/outside temperature. I can imagine it will be complicated with the programming and not sure if it is doable, but it is a concept :-) For now, I will be needing a couple of your photos showing the assembled mechanics in that plastic box for my project presentation. Again, a million thanks!</p><p>P.S.</p><p>I would appreciate any input on my project. Thanks!:-)</p>
Hello, and thanks for your comments ! the current code is actuallly going through the list of songs each time you press the belly. cf step 5.
Hello! This is such a brilliant idea, thank you for sharing! May I ask if you have any ideas on how to tweak the code such that multiple mp3 recordings can be played - a different one every time you press the button?
What was your total cost for this build?
20-25&euro; for the arduino, about 30&euro; for the shield, 8&euro; for the speaker. Then, 9V batteries don't last long and cost 2-5&euro; depending on quality - I need to replace them by a stack of accumulators
Oh okay.
Please post a video! this was awesome!
thanks but I'm not sure I know how to
I've been thinking about trying this. With this instructable how can I not?
What a great idea. :D
And don't hesitate to vote it up in the valentine's contest if you like it!
Thanks jessy

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