Picture of Plyboo California Desk

Recently I was gifted a beautiful sheet of Plyboo (Thank you Arthur and Evan!) and also just moved into a very empty room. To fill this new space, I decided to use the plyboo to make a new desk.

After brainstorming a few different shapes, I decided that California seemed to be quite the right shape for a desk and so I set out to create California.

Materials I used:

3/4 inch, 4 x 8 sheat of Plyboo.
Walnut and Cherry for the legs
Waitco Danish Oil

Tools used:

Adobe Illustrator
Orbital Sander
Drill press
Disc Sander
Hand drill
Vertical Band Saw

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Step 1: Cutting The Plyboo

Picture of Cutting The Plyboo

Cutting out California on the Water jet

To cut out California on the water jet, I found an image of the state's border on google and used the make and expand feature(Illustrator) to create vector lines. You can do this in Illustrator by going to:

Object > Image Trace > Make and Expand.

I also used this trace to mock up the desk in Autodesk Inventor. You can also do this in Autodesk Fusion which is free for Enthusiasts!

Next, I set up my Cut path in Omax Layout, exported it to Omax Make, clamped the plyboo to the bed of the waterjet and cut out the desktop.


I was pretty satisfied with the quality of the cut, on the plyboo, from the Waterjet. There were a few very small chipsc on the bottom edge. Also, due to the water and abrasive, small slivers seemed to be coming off of the faces of the plyboo. This could be avoided by hand cutting out the image or using a shop bot.

However, I took care of these small slivers in the sanding step.

Step 2: Sanding

Picture of Sanding

I used an orbital sander to sand the top and bottom of the California. I started at 220 and went up to 1000 grit sand discs. I rounded off the edges with the orbital sander as well. And hand sanded the tight internal geometry.

Finally, I used a tac cloth to remove the sand dust.
hfnet4 months ago
gronan111 months ago
Darn nice work. Seeing as I have no access to A water jet cutter my desk will be cut out with A More conventional tool...A saw! So I better start out with South Dakota!!
DIY Dave1 year ago Indiana desk wouldn't be too difficult
thesealy1 year ago
How much would it cost for you to make another California top, un sanded and finished and ship it? I am interested in that! But don't have a water jet cutter
One down, 49 more to go! That'd be one hell of an office set. The Rhode Island desk goes to the new guy.
sabrososki1 year ago
love need to make me a p.r. one
SlavicFMJ1 year ago

Wow, that is such a great idea! State size table!!! Good job!

Jeffo231 year ago
Holy Mackerel that's cool!

Awesome! You should enter this in the woodworking contest.

kevenr171 year ago

Very nice!! Good Job!!