Typical waste of demolition or renovation projects is Plywood. Often it just ends up in a waste container.

This I'ble will show you how to upcycle this Plywood into a comfortable childrens chair. Basically, the chair is constructed like a box, which makes it simple, strong and easy to enlarge or reduce depending on the amount of wood available or the size of your kid. It does not need any screws as it is almost entirely glued. 
Furthermore, you can change the shape of your side panles and thus design a wide variety of models.

Step 1: Design & materials.

You only need a few basic dimensions of your kid to design this chair (see sketch for the design process). Once you have these dimensions you can make whatever shape of the side panels, because the method of construction is allways the same. For comfort reasons, I have rotated the entire design 10 degrees.

Further you will need:
* 2 side panels: two sheets of Plywood (50 x 50 cm)
* Seat panel: 1 sheet of plywood (35 x 35 cm)
* Back panel: 1 sheet of Plywood (35 x 65 cm)
* small wooden beams to support the back panel and the sat panel (not shown)
* glue
* small nails
 * 3 construction beams (they are only used to make a rigid frame while the glue dries. Make sure they are shorter than the width of the seat panel (!).

IMPORTANT! The strenght of the seat is determined by the accuracy of the chair and the glue bond. Therefore, the width of the seat panel and the widt of the back panel should be identical and very accurate (straight!)

Beautiful work my daughter wanted one today, Im going to use your instructable thank you
Thanks! If you're done, post an I'ble or Slide Show of it and I'll send you a patch (remind me though).<br><br>
Good instructable. Though here's a tip that will carry you far: be more detailed. The instructions in your article are near the bare minimum. Use more words, be more specific. Now, onto the actual review... I've always used plywood for multiple projects, yet I've always had scraps left over. I plan on making these and giving them to friends and family. Thanks for the Instructable, dude.
Thanks for the tip.
Thank you for a useful Instructable.
Very nice!

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