These are Geta slippers. They're different cos they're made of plywood, with replaceable wooden Has (teeth)!

Over time, the stilts on the bottom (Ha) wear down. So that you won't have to throw away the whole pair, I've made these to be tough, with replaceable Ha so you can enjoy them indefinitely.

Try not to look directly at my feet --long day at work and too tired to get them picture ready... •_•


Here's how I made them!

Step 1: Puzzle Pieces

-Wooden post or stick
-Clothesline twine (nylon)
-Plastic/rubber/silicone tubing
-Drywall screws

Cut the plywood to the size you need, and make it so your heels hang juuuust slightly over the back ledge. Cut the teeth from the wooden post to be juuuust a bit narrower than the width of the slippers.

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