I wanted to make an affordable table for my laptop with a couple of small shelves and stationery storage.

And I wanted to do it using nothing more than a single sheet of plywood

Here's how I did it

Step 1: Planning and Designing

I had a small space when I was at college in my dorm and a very limited budget so with I set myself a budget (£100) and measured the space I had to fit the finished table. The maximum width i had was between a wall and a wardrobe which measured 830mm. I decided then that the overall width of my finished piece would be 800mm.

In order to keep cost to a minimum too, I decided I wanted to make the entire piece from a single 8 x 4ft sheet of 18mm Plywood. I had hoped to make it from Birch Plywood but as the cost of this material was so high, I had to settle for a lower B grade.

The CAD drawing shown above is of the final design i came up with. It has been slightly modified from the piece I produced as after I made it, my neice said she would like one also so I added a curved top and a small heart. I think this makes the piece a bit more feminine and more interesting for someone of her age (11).

<p>love the look of this table, clean and classic. how solid does it feel? I'm confused by your costing, I just looked on the wickes website and found an 8 ft x 4 ft 18mm ply for &pound;30, how did it end up at &pound;60?</p>
<p>great 1 sheet project!</p>
<p>I love the desk. It has a nice design that you don't often see in &quot;one sheet&quot; projects. </p>
<p>nicely done. Like the layout on the plywood.</p>
<p>Really like this! Gonna try this one myself!</p>
Great project! I really like the design
<p>Very classy, I like it! :)</p>

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