Introduction: Plywood Letters

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Step 1: Material

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First of all we need a 3/4" thick plywood sheet. I use this thickness cause of the size. The word is 1 meter long so it can be more stable

Step 2: Stencil

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You can print all the letters or shape on your printer (outline is better so you don't waste so much ink)

Now u can transfer

Step 3: Cutting

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Now put in practice you patience .... Try to use a thin blade on your jigsaw so the curves will be easier

Step 4: ....

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We getting there

Step 5: DONE!!

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Once you have your word ready is ready to sand a little and paint. You can use double sided tape or hooks to hang it.



OS11 (author)2015-12-21

Thank U ... apreciated

RodolfoS10 (author)2015-12-18


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