Plywood Stool





Introduction: Plywood Stool

Made entirely from plywood and Wood glue.

Step 1: Cutting Legs

First I Marked out the shape, hight and thickness of the legs etc.
cut them out with a wood saw and jigsaw.
Use it to template the other and cut.
I used a router to bullnose the edges then sanded it down.
Then Iarked the thickness of the ply and cut half joins, one at the top and one at the bottom to fit the legs together.

Step 2: Fixing the Legs

Make sure it's a nice tight fit on the half cuts then glue both sides.
Take a scrap piece of wood and place over the join and tap one down into the other.
Wait to dry

Step 3: Glueing the Top

I cut strips of ply at 40mm and glued them together, clamped and left to dry.
Once dried I planed and sanded it.
Next I measured the diameter I wanted, leaving 10mm either side of the leg top.
Marked it and cut it out with a jigsaw.

Step 4: Notching Out the Leg

I simply placed the cut out top and placed it on the legs and marked it out.
Then I plumbed lines down to the thickness of the tops levelled back from it and cut them out on the inside of the lines.

Step 5: Glueing Top to Legs

After cutting out the legs I glued them and tapped the top into it and clamped it all together. Ensuring the joins stay tight.
Wait to dry

Step 6: Voila

Now it's dry you can sand and stain to your desire. I haven't done that yet,too busy playing my guitar on it.



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    11 Discussions


    2 years ago

    What's the thickness of the plywood legs?

    I just used off cuts from a sheet of marine ply after laying a flat roof. You could probably make two of these out of an 8x4 sheet. Good luck.

    What type of plywood would you need?

    How big would the sheet of plywood be?

    Very nicely done, I like this project!

    Thanks for the comments and concerns.
    The seat itself won't be splitting anytime soon, once glued, clamped and dried. Also if there are any voids you could put wood glue in place, once the glue dries do a finish lacquer over it and that'd be fine.
    Obviously if you make this stool you do it to a functional and safe standard that you are happy with. Many thanks. Hope that helps.

    Nice project! I love the look of the seat, but was wondering about the possibility of it splitting along the the ply joints. You can be careful laminating the strips, but cheaper plywood might have glue voids that could increase the possibility of a split. I guess you could test it (and you probably did :) by supporting the edges and standing on it after you laminate it but before you cut out the disc and finish it.

    Anyway, I don't want to sound like a concern troll; it's a great looking stool!

    This is genius and a wonderful way to use the scrap cut-offs. Beautiful work, my friend. I would highly recommend some type of finish coating on it, though. Plywood tends to splinter after a while. I caught a two inch splinter under the skin in my left thigh (and yes, it had been rounded and well sanded) that took me half an hour and a one inch slice in the skin, to dig out

    Thanks. Doesn't need any coats because it's sands down fine. Just go through the different grades of paper. Think it would look nice with a clear coat or bees wax on though.

    Pretty cool idea, I like the way you did the seat. Did it sand well? Does it need a clear coat to avoid splintering?