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Introduction: Plywood to Old Bronze Looking

just wanted to show a little/easy/quick paint job.
take a plywood dinosaur
paint it un black (brush or aerosol)
paint with a brush the edges with a metallic paint (here mine was a gold/bronze metalic paint)
You're done.



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    Beautiful. Must be awesome to cast it's shadow with a candle on a wall.

    Looks good, glad you took some with the dino alone, looks great!

    new pics in

    Very cool. I would love to see a picture of the dino alone without the stuff in the background.

    It could be a good idea to paint it with a "dry brush"(you put dry brush into paint, rub off most of the paint using a paper towel or something similar and only then paint the black painted model-this trick is used in modeling to make realistic looking chain mails or old metal and I think it would work also with plywood models)

    Easy and good looks great combination

    thx, yeah, to paint the edges you must use only the tip of the brush and just make lazy easy moves without too much thinking :)

    That looks really good, any other tips?