Picture of Plywood vase
This vase is built by using multiple rings of multiplex (plywood) boards glued on top of each other and then turned using a lathe.
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Step 1: What you need

Some scrap multiplex boards which must be size of the maximum radius of your vase.
Any saw that can make round cuts (bandsaw, jigsaw or even a scroll saw).
Wood glue.
A lathe (or a sander, but this will take very long!).
compass (for drawing circles)
Paper and pencil:-)

Step 2: Design phase

Picture of Design phase
The first step, is to make your (approximate) design. I sketched it up on a piece of quad ruled paper. I scaled it so that each two squares (=10mm) corresponds to the thickness of my boards (19mm in my case, but it doesnt really matter).
After sketching it up rouhly i decided for a minimal wall thickness (~10mm in my case) and drew the lines accordingly. Now I basically got a cross-section of the vase.

From this cross-section you can easily meassure the diameters/radiuses of all the layers.

Draw the the circles (or half circles) onto the board using a large compass (or a string + pencil, if you don't have one).
As I had only long and narrow boards i cut out half-circles and glued those together. If you are using a jigsaw and you have got wider boards you can of course cut out the whole circles.

The circles don't have to be ultra precise, bettter make them a little bit too big than too small. You can remove material quite easily on the lathe

shazni2 years ago
oh this is so beautiful!
cammers2 years ago
Very Nice.
rimar20002 years ago
ChrysN2 years ago
That is really pretty, nicely done!