In this instructable I will show you how to make a PVC airsoft sniper rifle. To launch the BB's I used compressed air, making this a pneumatic sniper rifle. To control the air flow I used a quick exhaust valve (Note: I will constantly refer to this as QEV) from a sprinkler valve. At the time I didn't have a pure QEV so I decided to use a sprinkler valve instead. As the pilot for the QEV I used a simple blow gun. For the air input I used a threaded Schrader valve which I threaded to the end of my chamber.

As for the pictures, sorry about the bad quality, at the time, I took the pictures with my phone that doesn't have a very good camera.

DISCLAIMER: If you or anyone else gets hurt while using or making this gun, it is NOT my fault. Therefore I have nothing to do with whatever happens to you or anyone else with this gun.

Step 1: Understanding the Basics

First, you need to know a little about how everything works if you don't know already, if you do, you can skip this step and go on the next step (Materials).
  1. QEV (quick exhaust valve) - A QEV allows the user to control when they want the air coming from the input port to be released through the output port by using a pilot. In other words, coming in from the input port would be the compressed air which is inside the chamber, then using a pilot to open the QEV, the compressed air in the chamber is released through the output port.
  2. Pilot (blow gun) - A pilot is what will open the QEV to allow the compressed air from the input port to exit through the output port. In my case, my pilot is a blow gun.
  3. Blow Gun - A blow gun is a pistol type pilot which allows the user to press a trigger to open a hammer valve which opens the QEV.
  4. Bolt Action - A bolt action system allows the user to open a section of the barrel and insert a projectile (in my case, BB's). Once the projectile is placed in the barrel, the user can close the section of the barrel by returning the bolt to it's locked position, therefore securing the ammo inside the barrel so that it can't get out.
Alright, that's pretty much it for the schematics of the gun, the rest is just how you position everything and how you connect everything so that each part functions with each other.

<p>your camera is terrible!</p>
Do u attach the gun to a air compressor tank or just pump the air into a tank in the gun
Wicked. I'm putting it in my fave's.