Pneumatic Rifle (Air Gun)





Introduction: Pneumatic Rifle (Air Gun)

I made this pneumatic rifle when I was a school, although the barrel is smooth, so I suppose it can not be called a rifle.
It is made from scrap wood, old pipes, a small valve, a spring and an air pump.

To operate it, you push a 22 air gun pellet down the barrel with the piece of car aerial, then close the valve before pumping some air into the air reservoir. When the trigger is pulled the spring opens the valve and the trapped compressed air forces the pellet out of the barrel - knocking the tin can flying!   I also made the shooting gallery



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    I really love the idea of actuating the valve with the spring!

    well done

    That's fantastic! It's so simple, yet so cool. Thanks for sharing it!

    i love it but can you tell me

    1)whats a car aerial

    2)where can i get a air pump

    how long ago was it that you were at school? this rifle has quite the vintage feel to it. looks fantastic.

    Thanks; yes you are right, it is some 40 years ago that I made the rifle!