Poached Eggs Over Stuffing Leftovers





Introduction: Poached Eggs Over Stuffing Leftovers

This is easy stuff.  I'm not sure if this a correct poached egg..... but I eat these all time but over pizza, taquitos......... ANYTHING (see my previous published)  You will need stuffing, eggs, a generous slice of butter, and I'd recommend a Teflon pan WITH a lid.

Step 1: Get Started

Get your pan good and hot, then add a fat slice of butter.  Meanwhile..... pre-heat your stuffing in the microwave.

Step 2: Hear It Sizzle

Toss your stuffing in the hot pan.  Then carve out a "happy little home" for each egg.  Be patient, the Teflon is your friend and you want this "stuff" HOT!

Step 3: Crack'em

Put those eggs in there places.  Add about a shot glass of water around the pan, cover, and......

Step 4: It Depends on You......

Cook to taste................... Who can say how you like your egg cooked? 



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    I love eggs cooked this way (basted) in corned beef hash......and since I adore stuffing (and leftover stuffing is awesome), I'll definitely be trying this!

    I look forward to it after every turkey day.

    Technically, these eggs are more basted, rather than poached... and they look scrumptiously F.A.N.T.A.S.T.I.C!!! ;-P~~~

    I was wondering exactly what I was doing. I posted in answers : how many different ways are there to cook an egg? I Got some good answers BUT....... no one mentioned BASTED! Thanks :)

    You're welcome... you done good! ;-)

    btw... these eggs look to be basted "medium". Which is how I ALWAYS order my eggs in restaurants. Yum-YUM! ;-D

    Did you make your stuffing into Hash or is that just the lighting?

    I just crumbled it into the hot pan :)

    This looking AMAZING and simple. ^_^ Gotta try it!

    Welcome back! I would have never thought about doing this! So awesome! Thanks for sharing and I do hope you entered this in the weekly! I wish you the best!

    I have not gone anywhere. Just been busy @ work. The Snowbirds are back in town and they keep me running....... thank God. Plus, you know I love eggs! :)