Poached Eggs Over Taquitos




Introduction: Poached Eggs Over Taquitos

I get up pretty early but member sunshiine gets up a bit earlier. Its safe to say she got me hungry for Mexican food this morning with her "Homemade Corn Taco Bowl". I proceeded to the kitchen and this is what I came up with.

Step 1: Ingredients

Eggs, Taquitos, Salsa, & Cheese

Step 2:

First I nuked the Taquitos and then made 2 cuts in them. Then taking the 6 pieces, I used them to construct a barrier to hold the 2 eggs in once the pan was good and hot. I poured on some salsa, tossed on some cheese, added a shot of water, placed a lid on the pan, and cooked.



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    Its not a solid cilantro flavor. It does have mild heat but anyone I have turned it on to digs it. It came as a new Walmart product about 6 months ago..... but we are a HUGE test market here in Phoenix. If you want further product info let me know :) and thanks, this dish is on you and my crave. Never did it before, it was killer, and took like 7 minutes......AWESOME

    This sounds right up my alley! I would like to know more about it! What isle was it on? How do they suggest you use it? The bottle throws me off in that it sounds like more of a flavored hot sauce but it is in a bottle like this. Looking forward to knowing more!
    Have a sunshiiny day!

    I get it at Walmart and this is its website: www.lasabroza.com The only time I do not use this as a "salsa" is with chips or I want the chunky tomatoes for body and texture when cooking. Then I use Herdez: http://www.herdeztraditions.com/herdez/salsa_casera.aspx Call me a "fan boy" but check out some of the recipes at these sites!

    Liquid Cilantro? What is that! It would be something that I think I might like but I have never seen it. I have to chuckle at your comment! This makes me hungry! Great job.