Picture of Pocket Bag with Printer Friendly Pattern

The universal mantra for when you walk out the door is "Wallet, phone, keys." The holy trinity of not screwing yourself over for the day. A friend of mine had a pocket bag that held this and only this with a two pockets. One on the back for your phone and wallet and a smaller pouch under a flap for your keys. However, she'd used it up. As in, it was hardly holding together and looked more like an artifact than a piece of clothing. So I took some time to recreate the pattern and made a bag as close to the original as possible.Once I had the basic pattern, I busted out a couple of prototypes to check the design and then dove into it. Since the pattern was working pretty well, I put it up here as a printable pattern. Or, if you are one of those people who gets greater satisfaction from knowing you could make it, but not having to, I put up a few on Etsy too.

Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials

What you'll need:

- About 1/3 of a yard of thin leather or vinyl. A half of a small hide is enough, but you'll want it to be a longer rectangle than a square piece if possible. Longer pieces make sewing the strap much, much easier.

- About 1/3 yard of a lining material. You won't use it all, but a quarter yard won't have the width you'll need.

- Two 1/2" d-rings

- Two 1/2" clasps

- One 1/2" slider

- Two magnetic snap closures

SamPB3 months ago

Nice! :)

Nice documentation, too!

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Very cute! I love all the variations you did!