The universal mantra for when you walk out the door is "Wallet, phone, keys." The holy trinity of not screwing yourself over for the day. A friend of mine had a pocket bag that held this and only this with a two pockets. One on the back for your phone and wallet and a smaller pouch under a flap for your keys. However, she'd used it up. As in, it was hardly holding together and looked more like an artifact than a piece of clothing. So I took some time to recreate the pattern and made a bag as close to the original as possible.Once I had the basic pattern, I busted out a couple of prototypes to check the design and then dove into it. Since the pattern was working pretty well, I put it up here as a printable pattern. Or, if you are one of those people who gets greater satisfaction from knowing you could make it, but not having to, I put up a few on Etsy too.

Step 1: Materials

What you'll need:

- About 1/3 of a yard of thin leather or vinyl. A half of a small hide is enough, but you'll want it to be a longer rectangle than a square piece if possible. Longer pieces make sewing the strap much, much easier.

- About 1/3 yard of a lining material. You won't use it all, but a quarter yard won't have the width you'll need.

- Two 1/2" d-rings

- Two 1/2" clasps

- One 1/2" slider

- Two magnetic snap closures

<p>Nice! :)</p>
<p>Nice documentation, too!</p>
<p>Very cute! I love all the variations you did!</p>

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