Evidently, camping stoves are an essential benefactor in the outdoors. Charcoal stoves are great for various outdoor activities from camping to mountain climbing to just relaxing outdoors.

Step 1: Materials and Tools

   1. A food can of any sort (sizes may vary)
   2. Steel wire (mine was roughly a millimeter thick) DO NOT USE COPPER WIRE LIKE I DID
   3. Charcoal
   1. A drill with a small drill-bit (sizes may vary according to can size)
   2. Wire cutters
Very nice I had a collection of this kind of stove but non hand made I would love to try this. <br>gr8 vid,' <br>Thanks
Thank you for the recognition.
Don't ever eat food cooked over heated copper unless you enjoy being poisoned.
There, I fixed it
Precisely why i mentioned aluminum foil
Aluminum foil doesn't stop the fumes. Too many safe resources that are cheap or free. People thought asbestos was safe for years if they wore gloves, ask anybody with mesothelioma.
I did a bit of research. Steel would work, right?
What other metal would substitute it then?
Yes, unfortunately i failed to mention to heat the copper thoroughly to avoid chemicals before actually cooking with it. I tried it and i was fine. This is another reason why i mentioned that you should cook things with the aid of aluminum foil or use the stove to boil water or any other function not directly on it
You can't heat copper enough to remove the copper or the fumes it gives off that can be absorbed into your food. Just like so many other things that once or twice it won't kill you. Using it will slowly make you sick and could kill you. Its not easy to diagnose.
That last picture that i posted was fit more into the category of &quot;trial and error&quot; rather than success. Thanks for bringing up a valid point. I'll have to change it

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