Picture of Pocket Chainsaw
The chainsaw...awesome for cutting down trees, taking out brush super duper quick, and fighting off zombies. The only thing is a chainsaw is big...and rather heavy. Definitely not pocket sized. So I recently stumbled upon some replacement chainsaw blades, and I hacked em to make me my own pocket zombie defense system... well don't know how well it'd stand up to zombies, but I do know it's handy for cutting up firewood, or clearing small trees, and after your all done just carry it in your pocket. Hope you enjoy!
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Step 1: What You'll Need

1. a chainsaw replacement blade
2. a metal saw
3. an old garden hose
4. gorilla glue
5. duct tape of your preferred color
6. metal saw
7. chop saw

pretty i like it

Step 2: Cut Through the Chainsaw Blade

Picture of Cut Through the Chainsaw Blade
First thing you'll have to do is cut through the blade with the metal cutter. This can be kind of tricky since each joint of the blade pivots. You'll definitely want to wear safety glasses for this part. Once your through the blade move on to the next step.

Step 3: Cut Two Garden Hose Handles

Picture of Cut Two Garden Hose Handles
Now cut your garden hose to a whatever length you want for a handle. What ever is comfortable for you is the best length. I used my chop saw to cut the hose.

Step 4: Glue the Handles On

Picture of Glue the Handles On

Dip the hose handles in a bowl of water, and shake off the excess water. Gorilla glue sets on damp surfaces which is why you dampen the hose. Put some Gorilla Glue on the chain and some in the hose, then slip the hose over the chain. Use duct tape to hold the hose to the chain and cover the handles to get nicer looking handles. I went with camo duct it a nice manly flavor. After the glue dries go try it out, then stuff it in your pocket for the next camping trip. Enjoy!

Garry Ozols2 years ago
there is a link on the chain that has a cir clip that holds a pair of pins through a link in just about every one of the hundreds of chain saw chains I have ever used, just remove it after a careful search for it.
kibukun3 years ago
Hey, if you make the handles out of wood and longer, you can make these into saw chucks!
DeeRilee3 years ago
Isn't there one link that does come apart?
olmon3 years ago
To separate the chain, just grind the head off the rivet you want to remove & punch it out, that also gives you a hole to insert rings or what ever to attach handles or rope.
Would you be able to bore out the rivets with a drill instead of cutting through a link?