Picture of Pocket Cheerio Catapult

Have you ever had an extremely annoying boss, co-worker, or classmate?  Have you ever been pranked and you need to redeem yourself and earn revenge?  The solution is this pocket-sized, long range mini catapult.  You can launch just about anything from a grain of rice to a pea over 30 ft!  The materials needed to make this project are extremely easy to find, and you will most likely already have them.

I thought of making this over the summer when I was extremely bored and I decided to make something that shoots, and considering that I already had a large collection of pop can tabs, I figured that this was the perfect idea.  The great part about this shooter is that it can be made on the spot in 2-3 minutes!

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Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials


*1 Popsicle stick.
*1 soda can tab with the little “o” in the bottom part as shown above
*1 small to medium sized rubber band. (small is best)
*Scotch tape


* A coping saw or craft knife


Step 2: Preparing the Popscicle Stick

Picture of Preparing the Popscicle Stick
davids ipod 4-15 119.JPG
davids ipod 4-15 117.JPG

Slip the top circle of the pop can tab onto the Popsicle stick about ½ of an inch from the bottom.  I found that this distance away from the bottom results in farthest shooting.  Tape right above the pop can tab so it won’t move up and down on the Popsicle stick. Using the coping saw or craft knife, cut one notch at the top of the Popsicle stick.  This will hold the rubber band.

Step 3: Prepare the Rubber Band.

Picture of Prepare the Rubber Band.

Take the rubber band and if it is longer than half of the Popsicle stick, then hold the rubber band in a circle, cross it so it makes a figure 8, and then align the top and bottom circles of the eight.  This should make the rubber band half of its original size.  In this project, the tighter the rubber band, the better the performance. 

I know someone just to shoot at
Nate2302 years ago
I love it. My sister... Not so much.
urtlesquirt3 years ago
Let the bodies hit the floor...
nice reference of a good song.....
imboredalot3 years ago
Just made this! I had to eat a popsicle and drink a can of coke to get the materials though.
DoctorDv (author)  imboredalot3 years ago
Great how is it working out for you?

Servelan3 years ago
What I'd like to see is a Cheerio trebuchet.
boom man563 years ago
love it!!!!!!
great idea I'll try that sometime