Have you ever had an extremely annoying boss, co-worker, or classmate?  Have you ever been pranked and you need to redeem yourself and earn revenge?  The solution is this pocket-sized, long range mini catapult.  You can launch just about anything from a grain of rice to a pea over 30 ft!  The materials needed to make this project are extremely easy to find, and you will most likely already have them.

I thought of making this over the summer when I was extremely bored and I decided to make something that shoots, and considering that I already had a large collection of pop can tabs, I figured that this was the perfect idea.  The great part about this shooter is that it can be made on the spot in 2-3 minutes!

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Step 1: Materials


*1 Popsicle stick.
*1 soda can tab with the little “o” in the bottom part as shown above
*1 small to medium sized rubber band. (small is best)
*Scotch tape


* A coping saw or craft knife


I know someone just to shoot at
I love it. My sister... Not so much.
Let the bodies hit the floor...
nice reference of a good song.....
Just made this! I had to eat a popsicle and drink a can of coke to get the materials though.
Great how is it working out for you? <br> <br>-Doctordv
What I'd like to see is a Cheerio trebuchet.
love it!!!!!!
great idea I'll try that sometime

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