Picture of Pocket Dart Gun !

I recently made this dart gun , wich can be aslo used as a spitball gun.

Step 1: Tools And Materials

Picture of Tools And Materials

•Electrical Tape (optional)
•Super Glue
•Disposable Syringe (I used a 10mL one)
•Old bic pen

explocivo128 months ago

that is deadly. i brought it to school and i got sent to the principal's office.

Omar 21 year ago
Karim badak t3alemni on wp!! W mn aya ma7alet jebet l 8rad?
mski (author)  Omar 21 year ago
meshi 7a 2a3mlk , l q-tips MiraMarket , Syringe mn l saydaliyeh
rimar20001 year ago

Good idea!

mski (author)  rimar20001 year ago
thanks :) !