Picture of Pocket Elf
Don't have a pocket, don't have an elf, you can knit both! Use nice bright colours, and 3mm needles.

Step 1: A nice pair of legs

Picture of A nice pair of legs
Get your yarn and your pattern http://www.jeangreenhowe.com/Images/Rainbow_Babies.pdf and you are all set. Start with one foot and leg at a time. Join them up and knit upwards!
Mr Irish7 years ago
What was it
AWESOME! I really want one, these are so cool. Great job!
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Sad, It's not there anymore
Keith-Kid7 years ago
Deleted? Interesting.......oh wow! The first picture is amazing....oh wait, theres nothing there....
chu117 years ago
Its sooooo Adorable <33 !!
DainiusGB7 years ago
yeah i actually made two of those already (not from the instructable tho). I sold one at a craft fair for 20$.
gmjhowe7 years ago
Love the pocket - just completes it!