Picture of Pocket First Aid Kit
Out hiking or just for a walk and don't want to carry a bulky kit? This will fit into your pocket no trouble!

The ever so versatile Altoids Tin becomes a First Aid Kit to carry with you. Just add stuff from the following steps (or similar).
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Step 1: Stuff to stuff in

Picture of Stuff to stuff in
I've addded a few thing sI might find handy, things not everyone will have around.
A suture kit (mine isn't sterile, the package got ripped)
Bands Aids (6 large, 6 small)
Moist Towelettes (optional)
Rubber Bands
Paper Towel (or gauze if you have it)
Razor Blades
Super Glue
Isopropyl Alcohol

Step 2: Box Prep

Picture of Box Prep
On the back side of the box I put 4 layers of tape. A good storage area and easy to get to.

On the front I trimmed down my Red Cross sticker to fit.

Step 3: Inside Cover

Picture of Inside Cover
Here I taped the 2 Razor blades and the Aspirin. Easier to get to then digging though the box.

Step 4: 1st Layer

Picture of 1st Layer
I added the bulky/big things here first. The bottles are must small enough to fit and the suture kit lays nice and flat on the bottom. Be sure to sterilize the suture before use with the Betadine or alcohol.

Step 5: Layer 2

Picture of Layer 2
Swabs (ends in little bags) and small band aids fit in here.

Step 6: Layer 3

Picture of Layer 3
I added a few small pads of paper towel above the small band aids. If you have gauze use that instead.

Step 7: Layer 4

Picture of Layer 4
I folded over the edges of the towelettes to help them fit, these are optional as you have gauze(paper towels) and alcohol.

Step 8: Last Layer

Picture of Last Layer
The big old band aids sit on top, make sure you can close up the tin after this step. Rearrange if need be.

Step 9: Final Prep

Picture of Final Prep
Close tight and wrap the rubber bands around the case. These can be used for tourniquets or to hold things in place where tape doesn't work.

Step 10: Pocket and go

Picture of Pocket and go
All done, now put it in your pocket and go.

Any suggestions are appreciated!