Pocket Fishing Kit!


Introduction: Pocket Fishing Kit!

This is an easy way to pack everything you need to fish in a tiny, buoyant, easy to carry package! I've used a Tic-Tac container, but you can also use soda bottles, travel sized shampoo bottles, or any kind of small plastic container! 

Step 1: The Container

Get creative and find a container. I like this one because it is flat and easy to stick in a survival kit or your pocket. 

Step 2: Attach the Fishing Line

Decide how much fishing line you want.
There is no magic length, just don't get so much that it tangles up.
Tie a knot in the end of the line, and poke a small hole in the container.
You want to thread the line through, and then start wrapping it around your container of choice.
I took a red sharpie and marked the end of the line so it would be easy to find, and then placed a strip of duck tape over the line to hold it in place

Step 3: Pack Your Kit

Once again, what goes inside is really up to you. I managed to find a bobber small enough for my kit, and stuck fishing hooks into a tiny bit of foam. Then I added a few sinkers to make casting easier. 

Step 4: Go Fishing!

The technique for fishing with this setup is pretty simple. Take of the duck tape and let out some line, then use your hands to cast. I prefer to hold it in my palm, and use my three fingers to wind up the line. I have caught a few small fish with this setup, but sadly nothing worth noting yet. Tell me about what you catch, I don't mind a good fish story!



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    Great idea! But just a tip, you can save alot of room by not adding the bobber. Your can use a small stick in the wilderness if you needed one! But still a great kit

    you could also use two bottle caps and use tape to tape them together. btw.. this instructables is what im looking for... THANKS!!!

    If you're only going to be hand fishing with this, I recommend using foam ear plugs for bobbers; they take up less space.

    Thanks for sharing.

    awesome idea! congratulations on posting your first instructable!