This is a little fishing reel that I made when I was bored. I had nothing better to do, and access to about 800 cat food containers. Here's what I came out with.
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Step 1: Spool

The spool that the line is held onto is just made of on old wire spool and the lid to some container. They are connected by hot glue.

Step 2: Handle

Picture of Handle
The handle is just an eye bolt, connected to the spool through a series of bolts, nuts, and washers.

Step 3: Main Body

Picture of Main Body
The main body of this is just an empty catfood can with a hole drilled in it.

Step 4: Rod???

Picture of Rod???
The "rod" part on this is simply a couple bolts and a couple of nuts hot glues together, then onto the main body.
cnscuz2 years ago
could use a flat metal bar attached on the bottom and bend the top a lil, drill a small hole and use lthat for a rod...just a thought
freeza36 (author)  cnscuz2 years ago
That is a good idea. I only made this because I was bored. If I try to make a better one I will definitely try that.
Just as another option. Hot glue is good but for better structure use a 2 minute epoxy. Cheap, available at any hardware store, and has a typical hold strength of 200lbs. Hot glue will fall apart after a hard days hike with your mini rod. However this is an awesome idea and am planning on doing a build for my 3 day hike kit. Keep up the great ideas. This is awesome
freeza36 (author)  loki_thor20012 years ago
Thanks. I was kindof limited on options when I built this. I was actually at my friends house (you may know him as higgs boson) and I pretty much used whatever I could find.