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Introduction: Pocket Graffiti Pen


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The Pocket Graffiti Pen is very easy to make, and allows you to spray your own Pocket Sized Stencils anywhere you want.

It can be created in a matter of minutes and will allow professional looking stencils to be sprayed, at a miniature size.

Step 1: What You Will Need

Permanent Marker (or any pen with a thick fibre tip)
Small Pen
Scalpel / Xacto Knife

Step 2: Remove the Insides of the Pen

The Pen has to be stripped of all it's insides, so we are left with just the hollow casing.
This hollow tube will be used as the Ink Blower.

Step 3: Extract the Permanent Marker Nib

It is the Ink from the Permanent Marker Nib that is going to be sprayed onto the stencil we make later.

So take the Cap off the Permanent Marker and pull out the thick Fibre Nib.

Step 4: Place the Extracted Nib Into the Blower

Once you have extracted the Nib out of the Permanant Marker simply drop it into the large end of the Blower; so that it is sitting at the bottom of the smaller end.

Step 5: Try Out Your Pocket Graffiti Pen

At this point all that is left to do to your Pocket Graffiti Pen is to test it is working, by blowing through the large end of the Blower onto a blank piece of paper. The Ink from the Nib is then sprayed out of the smaller end and onto the Paper.

Step 6: Draw and Cut Out Your Stencil Design

To make your Pocket Sized Stencil all you need to do is draw out your design onto a small piece of paper, and then cut it out with your Scalpel / Xacto Knife.

Keep the piece of paper that you cut out, as this can also be used.

Step 7: Finished! - Make Some Pocket Sized Graffiti

Your Pocket Sized Graffiti Pen is now complete!

Using different coloured Permanent Markers allows for many Stencils with multiple colours to be made. Or using the Nib of a Fabric Marker will mean you can spray miniature stencils onto Clothing.

And remember, once you have finished using the Pocket Graffiti Pen (or the Nib has ran out of ink), then place the Nib back into the Permanent Marker so it can be used at a later date.

If you make this Instructable then I would love to see some photos of your build.
Along with any ideas you may have.

Any updates to this How-To will appear on my website FlyingTopHat.co.uk.

Thank you, and have fun.



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    This is awesome, I painted a daft punk helmet on my iPod case!!

    photo-2014-05-16 8:56 AM.jpg

    This is kool but didn't blow pens already exist? O.o


    this is awesome

    this is so awesome!!!!! all the materials are so easy to get and it's really fun. if you haven't made this yet....... MAKE IT NOW!!!!!!!

    you guys talk super fnacy like


    Quite, my dear fellow.