Step 3: Extract the Permanent Marker Nib

Picture of Extract the Permanent Marker Nib
It is the Ink from the Permanent Marker Nib that is going to be sprayed onto the stencil we make later.

So take the Cap off the Permanent Marker and pull out the thick Fibre Nib.
nckballer7 years ago
yeah this is like the blow pens i used to have except they were colored and not very permanent.
 If you look above, its because its a whiteboard marker, thats why its not permanent.

Its a Friendly Whiteboard marker, google it
Same Here
scora082886 years ago
I've been trying to get the felt tip out of a sharpie but I cant get the felt tip conpletely out. also, if you could get some pictures of other pens that work that would be great. P.S. Should I leave the spring in the pen if it's at the tip or take the spring out.