Step 6: Draw and Cut Out your Stencil design

Picture of Draw and Cut Out your Stencil design
To make your Pocket Sized Stencil all you need to do is draw out your design onto a small piece of paper, and then cut it out with your Scalpel / Xacto Knife.

Keep the piece of paper that you cut out, as this can also be used.
Zem6 years ago
Awesome, I'll have to try this. An awesome addition would be an Altoids tin case for it all, but I guess the pens a bit long for that though...
fireman1156 years ago
Nice instructional
hippy7 years ago
when i go to blow the 2 time it like drips
JKibs95 hippy6 years ago
That's what SHE said! ...sorry... just had to...
bobo03137 years ago
It works! Maybe there is something to make a stencil better then paper! I think the stencil should be made out of Oak tag Paper! Its stronger then copy paper!