Picture of Pocket Green Screen
I was so pleased with the results of my Portable Green Screen project, that I decided to make an even smaller one that could fit in my pocket. Perfect for lego men, which we play with a lot around here.

Green Screens are an interesting technology, used for all kinds of interesting effects. The first Star Wars Movie was done with green screen techniques, however computers make it a whole lot easier today.

Step 1: Hunter/Gatherer

Picture of Hunter/Gatherer
You will need some bright green card stock and a suitable pocket sized tin, some small fridge magnets, and some little models.

TwinDaddyD18 days ago
I think something like this will be great for 3D project I'm trying to make!
Two quick questions.
1. What do you do for lighting to reduce shadows, etc?
2. What kind of editing software do you recommend?
securious3 years ago
brilliant! i have the same Dilbert tins in my project box, waiting ..
fjordcarver (author) 3 years ago
Please vote for me to win!!!
rrkrose3 years ago
This is really cool! Also, it looks pretty easy which for me is really good when it comes to technology.
fjordcarver (author)  rrkrose3 years ago
M0HIZ3 years ago
What software do you recommend (preferably free)?
fjordcarver (author)  M0HIZ3 years ago
Gimp. Great and free.
I use Gimp for everything.
akossoy3 years ago
You should take a picture with your index finger and thumb in front of the green screen about to pinch something. Then change the picture to something like the Eiffel tower. It will look like you were pinching (crushing) the Eiffel tower. :D
fjordcarver (author)  akossoy3 years ago
Like this?

DSC04432 copy.jpg
you shiuld totaly do that
HMice3 years ago
Z0M8I33 years ago
Wonderful job!
fjordcarver (author)  Z0M8I33 years ago