Picture of Pocket Hacky Sack
This Instructable will show you how to make a neat little hacky sack! These can be so mch fun if you know how to use them right.

Step 1: Gather the fabric

Picture of Gather the fabric
Find 2 piece of fabric that you would like to use. I chose green and red.
whirlingswirl10 months ago

Can you make a tutorial how to sew a hacky sack like the ones from this website: www.haniabag.com - they look very nice.

england011 year ago
I ended up making one and it is the best hacky sack I have ever owned... Mainly because I stuffed up the measurements and it ended up being really small so I can take it to school and use it pretty much anywhere. Great instructable!
Austin243 years ago
ran out of string:(
Dreistein5 years ago
this is so awsome great ibl one of my fav s this is soo easy to make
inventageek5 years ago
 I LOVE THIS. my normal hacky sack just got lost during my last camping trip a week ago and i havent been out to get a new one. Now i dont really need to! GREAT INSTRUCTABLE!
J@50n6 years ago
Your not the only male who knows how to sew!
quick question what type of fabric is that it dosent look like something regular up close like cotton or something but i might be wrong what is it? and great instructable 2 thumbs up i love playing footbag
looks more like nylon or something
ifreddybear6 years ago
Great guide! i failed because i had to sew by hand and i dont sew often >.< so there was my dilemma but i got it finally and im happy w/ it!!! :D
I just joined this site and I think it is really cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And Easy......
Brennan90827 years ago
I made one and it is really good value! Thanks a ton! :)
pirateg3cko7 years ago
Really cool instructable. I'm planning to try one of the 1" polygon - paneled ones, but I love the look and the simplicity of this, so I must give it a try. But I wonder, is there ever much trouble with the raw rice poking its way out of the stitching (where it's sewn closed for example)? Or maybe not much problem with leakage?
I made one, and i just used a REALLY close sewn stitch. Since i don't have a sewing machine, i had to do that all around. The results we good though.
I totally have to try this some time, but we don't have a machine, so I'll do it by hand!
-double post- And then I gotta learn how to use one ...
instruct0r7 years ago
if you fill it up too much it becomes bouncy and EXTREMELY HARD to stall just a word of advice oh and once youve mastered this simple diy try using twelve 1" pentagons, but be warned: precision is everything in this diy
I love how that if your in a survival situation, you can play hacky-sack and then eat the rice inside :D
lol nice but the rice is raw lol but better than sand
Shadow Dragon (author)  lightmoon13457 years ago
Yeah. That would be pretty cool. :P
altmaker7 years ago
Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but hackysacks are pocket sized anyway...
lawizeg7 years ago
I made one, but i didn't do it so well. I don't have a sewing machine so i had to do it by hand. So i'll try again, make it smaller, and take my time! Yay hacky-sacks!
Kevvixx7 years ago
I love hackysacks! I most definitely make one! Good Instructable too.
Shadow Dragon (author)  Kevvixx7 years ago
Thanks. :D
Cool! We were going to do something like this in class.. never did though.
All the guys at my school can sew -- in grade eight we all took a short course in textiles. (The girls did too, but that's not pertanent.)