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Ever walk out to your car in the morning, and realize it was cold enough to frost over everything, including your windows.

You need to remove the frost, but don't have a window scraper. You could let the car run and defrost it from the inside, but that could take time.

If only there was something you could use to quickly scrape the ice and frost.

If you have a used gift card in your wallet or purse, then you can remove the ice and frost simply and quickly. I recommend a gift card because they are essentially free, easy to obtain, and easy to carry.

"But JokerDAS, couldn't my driver's license or credit card do the same thing?" you ask.

Well, yes, BUT if the ice is particularly thick, it could crack and break the card. I do not recommend using a card of value.

There you have it! A handy means to clear your windows on cold mornings!

And as always, thanks for checking out my instructable!


Jobar007 (author)2016-02-26

I use an old "membership" card like this for frost and it works great. I can curve the card to match the curve of the windshield perfectly. It is also small enough to to scrape my mirrors without moving them. Proper ice with drop lumps pose a problem for me though. Do you have a technique that works well with that?

JokerDAS (author)Jobar0072016-02-26

Jobar007, that is a fantastic use for those cards, exactly what I mean! The flexibility is the key! Great tip regarding the mirrors!

As for the heavier, thicker drops of ice, actually doubling up the cards has firmed it up allowing me to pry it up from underneath. If that does not work, I let the car's defrost do the heavy lifting.

Thanks for checking it out!

Jobar007 (author)JokerDAS2016-03-07


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