Picture of Pocket Key Knife with a pen
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Wow hello readers   tired of losing your keys, not having a pen when you must need it, having the urge to cut something and you left your knife at home
      Well now thats just the past

Pocket Key Knife with a pen

this instructable is easier to explain in pics,  i hope you like it
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Step 1: Get the keys and Materials

Picture of Get the keys and Materials

Step 2: Tools

Picture of Tools
Note: you dont need all thes tools but they woud make your life much esier and will safe hours of work*

Step 4:

in this step you will have to decide the mesures of your keys and you want someting that looks lide this

Note: i chose 12mm cause that is measurement of the broken saw

Step 6: Holes

for this you can use the equivalent of the dremel

and use one key as a patron

Step 9: Make the holes for the holder

Step 10: Preparing the holder


Step 11: Washers

for this part you need to fill the gaps (see previo step last pic)

to see how many washers youll need 

Note if you can get smaller washers please do 

Step 12: Making the pen

Step 14: Final touches

Step 15: Optional acid carving

Picture of Optional acid carving

Step 16: X D The end

Picture of X D The end
i hope you liked this instructable,  im sorry if i have made some mistakes, my inglish is a little bit rusty, so feel free to make any correction   so comment 

good luck and good night everbody