Picture of Pocket Knife Maintenance: Tighten, Adjust, or Reposition Your Clip
When Spyderco introduced their ClipIt pocket knives in the 1980s, they used what they called an integral clip which was made of plastic, and was formed as a one-piece extension of the handle scale. While some of these knives are still around, many were lost when the clips eventually snagged on something or other and broke off. Unable to replace the clip without replacing the whole knife, you were pretty much out of luck if you wanted to secure it to your pocket.

Ever since, manufacturers have used metal clips which screw on, and can be removed or replaced. Some manufacturers put in the extra effort to drill multiple screw holes into their pocket knife scales, giving you the ability to reposition your clip in order to carry your knife on the left- or right-hand side, as well as in tip-up or tip-down carry position. While mostly considered this an obvious improvement over the original plastic integral clips, they still snag from time to time, and this can cause a clip to loosen up over time or get bent totally out of shape in some situations. While most reputable knife companies will sell you a new clip and screws for fairly cheap, it is often quicker (and sometimes easier) to simply re-bend the clip.

So whether your clip is loose, bent, or simply in the wrong position, read on to learn how to fix it!
tdenney166 months ago

I'm jealous of your spydercos haha All I've got is the delica4, but I'm hoping to grow my collection soon

cristoph1 year ago
What knife is on the far right in the second photo
kennethsime (author)  cristoph1 year ago

The knives in the second photo, featuring a lineup of four pocket knives oriented by clip, are as follows:

1) Spyderco C28GRE2 Dragonfly 2 in ZDP-189

2) Spyderco C90GRE Stretch 2 in ZDP-189

3) Kershaw 1650 Whirlwind

4) CRKT M16-01Z Spear Point