This nice little toy can keep a little kid like my brother happy for hours. It's customizable, fun, and easy.

*This was entered into the pocket-sized contest, Mad Science Fair, and Make ti Glow Contest (you'll see why in step 4). Please vote if you liked it... thanks!

P.S. I will just show you what I did. Due to the flexibility of this, you can do anything your imagination desires.

Step 1: Materials

This is very flexible. You can pretty much use any type of everything

-casing (from aluminum foil to a small cardboard box to pvc pipe to...whatever you want, basically)
-battery (battery should be almost dead to prevent the motor from going too fast.)
-motor (any size, power)
-any circular object with a hole in the center (for the motor to go in) ( I used the bottom of a soda can with edges bent in)
-action figures, small objects, etc.
-hot glue (recommended)
You may want to consider not giving the cut up end of a pop can to a child. They tend to stick everything in their mouths, and impromptu oral surgery is not a fun way to spend an evening. Trust me.
My little brothers are old enough not to put that in their mouths but if you're making it for even younger kids, you should use something safer of course

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