Step 2: Clean and dismantle lipstick tube

Picture of Clean and dismantle lipstick tube
The lipstick tube that I used was Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick.  As I am sure you are aware lipstick tubes can vary in size and shape so you may need to try some out to see if it would work. 

Mine came apart quite easily. 
  • I first removed the top lid, then the ring labelled with the Revlon logo. 
  • Then I could pull out the silver tube from the base. 
  • Within the silver tube there was a little platform holding the lipstick that moved up and down as you twisted the base, this needs to be removed along with any residue of the lipstick. 
  • I cut off part of the bottom of the silver tube to (the white plastic bit) to provide some clearance for the tools that will be stored in the base.
  • Wipe clean the inside of the tube to get rid of any lipstick smudges as we are going to put some epoxy glue in there.