Step 3: Add bit holder

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I used a magnetic bit holder affixed to the inside of the lipstick tube as the main tool holder for this multi-tool. The lipstick tube measures 4cm and the bit holder (after part of it was sawed off- see below) is 2.5cm, so when the holder is placed into the tube there will be some clearance at the bottom for tool storage in the base.

  • I sawed off the end of the bit holder, leaving the 'female' end.  This fits inside on the lipstick tube.
  • I needed a strong glue to affix the bit holder to the inside of the lipstick tube as well as fill in the space in between (the bit holder has a smaller diameter).  I decided to use epoxy glue since it does well gluing metal to plastic.
  • I set the lipstick tube, top side down onto a piece of plastic wrap.  I then placed the bit holder (with the holder end down) into the centre of the lipstick tube.
  • I then mixed the epoxy glue and poured it into the tube,  The glue should fill into the spaces between the holder and tube, it should just cover the bottom of the holder (don't fill up the whole tube).
  • I only had a small amount of glue squeeze out at the bottom.  After several hours the epoxy no longer flowed but hadn't completely hardened so I was able to peel of the plastic wrap and scraped off the glue that oozed out at the bottom.  Then I left it to cure completely.
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