Step 4: Utility Knife

Picture of Utility Knife
To add a small blade to my multi-tool I used a utility blade from an X-acto knife and made a blade holder from Sugru that fits into the bit holder. 
  • To make the blade holder, first placed some plastic wrap into the bit holder (to prevent the Sugru from sticking). 
  • I stuffed some Sugru into the bit holder so that a small amount sticks out.
  • I then pulled the Sugru out (by pulling on the plastic wrap)
  • I added a small knob of Sugru to the side so that if will give a tighter fit.
  • Once the Sugru had cured I pushed the end of the blade into the Sugru blade holder (you might want to make the sheath first -see step 5) and placed it into the bit holder (it should make a snug fit).
londobali2 years ago
Great idea! I'm a follower! :)
What do you think: if i use some sort of oil spray inside the bit holder (then dusted?), and let the sugru cure inside (or partially cured), will i be able to pull it out? will it be a tighter fit?
There are more solid low temperature Thermo plastics that might be better than sugru for this job,.. such as a product called Plastimake. But i do like the idea.