Picture of Pocket Pal (Revisit)
Pocket pal 043.jpg
Pocket pal 044.jpg
It's back and better than ever...
And just in time for Valentine's Day!!!
If you need a gift for the friend who has everything, follow these easy steps and make them a Pocket Pal.
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Step 1: Supplies

Picture of Supplies
First you will need supplies to make your Pocket Pal.
1. Duct Tape choose the color or color's you want to use
2. Sissors
3. Knife (not shown)
4. Playing card or a Trading card
5. Sharpie (optinal)

Step 2: Making the Inner Pocket

Picture of Making the Inner Pocket
Pocket pal 007.jpg
Now, cover the card sticky side up with duct tape as in pictures #1 and 2.

Step 3: Making the Inner Pocket Part 2

Picture of Making the Inner Pocket Part 2
Next, you will need to repeat the last step except this time the tape will be sticky side down, as in picture #1.

Step 4: Making the Bottom

Picture of Making the Bottom
Pocket pal 017.jpg
Pocket pal 018.jpg
Then, you will need to cut a piece of duct tape about an inch bigger than the bottom of the pocket pal. Next, you need to place the piece of duct tape on the bottom of your pocket pal like picture #1.
Then, fold the piece over, so it covers the entire bottom like in picture #2. Then, trim off the scraps like in picture #3.

Step 5: Extra Pocket

Picture of Extra Pocket
Pocket pal 024.jpg
Pocket pal 026.jpg
Pocket pal 044.jpg
Wanna take it a step further? Then, add another pocket.
First, cut another piecce of tape 1/2" bigger than the bottom of the Pocket Pal as in picture #1.
Then, cut another piece of tape 1" smaller than the previous one like in picture #1.
Next, shave a centimeter off the top of the smaller piece of tape like picture #2.
After that, put the two pieces together like in picture #3.
Finally, put the pieces of tape on the Pocket Pal like in picture #4
Sticky line on the bottom.
I made one of these for each pocket, and a pocket protector to fit in my sirt pocket. I also made an oversized pocket that hung off my belt, it held a lot of things. (zip ties, pliers, a battery pack with cell phone adapter, a protractor, a pair of scissors, a set of hexagonal screwdrivers, a calculator, a pencil and pen case, a set of 3 clips, an eraser,and a set of screwdrivers.
I second that... you should post a pic. Sounds great.
omfg you NEED to post a pic of that!(as a comment)
sharlston6 years ago
thats cool you could make a bigger one for holding trading cards? :)
AznPanda6 years ago
thats cool
jademasker7 years ago
so...a weird wallet?
Cool! Very easy idea, but what does it actually do? It's just like a holder... but nice job. :P
Yeah, it's just to hold you cash, change, and gift cards. Thanks for the comment!
chuckr447 years ago
Is this for an ID holder? Credit card holder? A quick wallet? Nice idea though.
Thanks! I use it for all three.