Picture of Pocket Parachute
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This is a little parachute I made out of a mint tin, a plastic bag, and some string. It was put together with hot glue.

The parachute can fold inside itself to fit in a mint tin, and when opened, the mint tin can be closed. This enables it to be able to take a slight payload (I've used SD memory cards). It can be launched of the top of a stairwell, a high window, off a cliff, etc.

Now you can watch a video of it in action here.
zapper0674 years ago
just an umbrella will do?
I made one then found a 6 story building dropped it of at the roof and it was amazing. to make it go down smoother put 3-4 pennies in it
cody3166 years ago
if i put it ontop of a rocket im building, would it only deploy once the rocket starts descending?
ultrauber (author)  cody3166 years ago
It looks so cool, but my older brain couldn't keep up with the video. Is the parachute stored in the tin and then opened when it's time to launch? I want to try this with my kids. Thanks!
ultrauber (author)  porcupinemamma6 years ago
Yeah. Hot glue 4 strings to the corners of a (cut) plastic bag square, and hot glue the other ends to the inside of the tin. Then you fold it all up inside.
mason01907 years ago
They use something like dat in germany they divided it in half and used planes to parachute goods over the line which was divided by a huge wall. Somethin' like that. i dont remember its summer vacation B-)
cool!7 years ago
nice job! It would be interesting to use a model rocket parachute. Also, it would be cool to see how heavy a payload it takes. A video would be cool also. again, good job. BTW you'll have to show me at school.
ultrauber (author)  cool!7 years ago
well, i have a video. the thing is, i'm too lazy to upload it