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Introduction: Pocket Paracord Dispenser

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For this instructable I show how to make a cool pocket paracord dispenser. It holds 35 feet of cord and dispenses with ease.

Step 1: Materials...

You will need a bolt, nut, empty 200 count tic tac container, and paracord.

Step 2: Drill Some Holes...

Drill a hole through the center of the closed tic tac container, Insert the bolt and lightly screw on the bolt, tape the end of the paracord to the bolt.

Step 3: Wind It Up!!!

Its a long and boring process but wind up the paracord by twisting the bolt.



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    how long is the bolt

    is the nut on the outside or in the container

    I'm thirteen and I think this kind of stuff is awesome.Brilliant idea!

    maybe use a drill to speed the winding process? just a thought...

    make a hole at back for carabine

    Briliant idea for sailing

    Wow! The finished product looks pro! U should sell these on EBay or something!

    I think it would cost more to make than people would actually buy them for