Picture of Pocket Paracord Dispenser
For this instructable I show how to make a cool pocket paracord dispenser. It holds 35 feet of cord and dispenses with ease.

Step 1: Materials...

Picture of Materials...
bolt and nut.jpg
You will need a bolt, nut, empty 200 count tic tac container, and paracord.
JoseS291 month ago

how long is the bolt

is the nut on the outside or in the container

I'm thirteen and I think this kind of stuff is awesome.Brilliant idea!

Same Legit

rczegeny3 months ago

maybe use a drill to speed the winding process? just a thought...

broncos0110 months ago
great storage idea
Matatas1 year ago
make a hole at back for carabine
Matatas1 year ago
Briliant idea for sailing
Ravirar2 years ago
Wow! The finished product looks pro! U should sell these on EBay or something!
theslingshotkid (author)  Ravirar2 years ago
I think it would cost more to make than people would actually buy them for
bpfrocket2 years ago
simple is best
acuchetto2 years ago
blak19702 years ago
johnbabalon2 years ago
Hey man, I'm fourteen also and i think its great how you're into this kind of stuff. I thought it was a great idea and i cant wait to try it myself but i think that instead of winding it up by hand i'm going to get a little help from my friend, the power drill. -- Live long and prosper
theslingshotkid (author)  johnbabalon2 years ago
Thanks, I found it easier to do by hand but whatever your more comfortable with. I would recommend a slower speed when using the drill. Its cool to know I'm not the only 14 year old on here.
Skwurlito2 years ago
A great idea for Hunters, Campers and general outdoorsman. I would use a Lock Nut or a Nylock® Nut to prevent it from backing off in your pocket, while allowing you to have it as tight as you want. I would also drill a small hole through the bolt to thread the cord through (if you have the bits).
theslingshotkid (author)  Skwurlito2 years ago
Thanks, I don't know how well I could get a hole through the bolt with my drill but you could probably do it with a drill press.
nwhyte2 years ago
Alternatively you could put the end of the bolt into the drill and wind it up mega quickly XD
theslingshotkid (author)  nwhyte2 years ago
I was condisering that but I wanted to do it as cleanly as possible so I could have as much paracord as possible.
About how much cord did you end up fitting into it?
theslingshotkid (author)  raceryz3502 years ago
around 35 feet
oops, i didnt realize it was in the 'ible itself.
mattyuke2 years ago
You should add a sharp blade to the bit that opens and closes so it cuts it without needing anything else. Or you could mount part of a Stanley knife blade to the bottom of the opening and push the orange opening down onto the blade to cut the para cord.
theslingshotkid (author)  mattyuke2 years ago
that's a good idea
bone20012 years ago
Wow awesome idea!
xboxkid242 years ago
This is awesome. Great idea.
fidgety22 years ago
every once in a while a person gets a great idea like this one. Great job keep it up
theslingshotkid (author)  fidgety22 years ago
Boppylop2 years ago
I LOVE this idea! but what about the extra piece of bolt just sticking out of the back? wouldn't that be uncomfortable to have in your pocket?
theslingshotkid (author)  Boppylop2 years ago
I got a perfectly sized bolt that only sticks out of the nut about a milimeter. I'm not sure of the exact size
Great idea !
xenocrates2 years ago
I don't understand why it has to be a long and boring process when you obviously have an electric drill there.
Petergottm2 years ago
That's really cool!