Picture of Pocket Pen Bow and Arrow
When in a office war, just reach into your pocket, pull out your pen bow and a arrow, aim at a target, and, FIRE. Well, actually, you can use it in almost any situation. This pocket bow is probably your best choice when your being attacked by your freind or when you run out of ammo in an airsoft battle. This is how to make this mini covert weapon of arsenal.
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Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials

1)  one -  pen

2) one -  medium rubber band

1) Cutters
How's that for easy...  

Step 2: Taking apart the pen

Picture of Taking apart the pen
Take your pen apart and save only the thing holding the ink and the body. Chunk the rest because it will not be needed.

Step 3: Cutting the slits

Picture of Cutting the slits
Take your cutters and your pen body and cut two small triangles at each end. Throw out excess triangles.

Step 4: Putting the rubber band on

Picture of Putting the rubber band on
Take the rubber band and hook it onto one end of the pen body and hook the other end to the other.

Step 5:

Picture of
Then simply take the cutters and cut small triangles into the end of the arrow.

Step 6: Fire!!!!

Picture of Fire!!!!
Take the ink cartridge, load it onto the rubber band, pull arrow back, aim and........ FIRE!!!!!!!!!!!
Hope you enjoy it and i have a good feeling it might win...    :P
Taryman1 year ago

This is cool!