Pocket Pen Gun




Introduction: Pocket Pen Gun

A small launcher made only from a pen. It can be completed in minutes, and shoots a good distance. Please Vote for me in the Pocket Sized Contest if you like it. Let's get started.

You will need:

--A pen that clicks
--Your hands
--Slight use of your mind(if that's a problem stop here)

Step 1: Taking It Apart

Now take apart the pen, separating the ink tube, the spring, the gripper, and the clicker.

The picture below shows the pieces of the clicker. When you take apart your pen you can find them.

Step 2: Putting It All Together

Put the missle together by pushing the white part into the black part. If they don't fit tight, glue them together.

To make the gun, spear the gripper with the ink tube right through the middle. Then put the spring on the tube and twist it until it cuts into the gripper, which secures it when you fire the missle. You can add a rubber band on the back, and secure the missle with it when not in use.

Below is the gun.

Step 3: Warning

Warning: Never aim at people or animals, especially not the face. Vanquish evil responsibly. To shoot, put the missle on the spring, then push the missle so the spring becomes tense. Release to fire. You can use the gripper to help with stability, and as a handle.



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