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Introduction: Pocket Plant

Not much of a green thumb? Not a really responsible? Tried to grow plants but they died cause you forgot to water them? A new, easy way to grow little plants that efficiently use the water you give them. I personally gave up on this project about a week ago. Then I saw they were growing, I haven't watered them for a week and they're growing! Using a tiny vial not only doesn't let the water evaporate and escape like normal pots, it also creates a continent carrying case.

This project was suggested by tech-king. Oh, and you can't grow cactuses in here (thanks tech-king)

Oh, and if you like this project please rate/vote then! All I want is a Robot T-shirt to look spiffy in.

UPDATE: I will try and add pictures everyday in the intro to show the progress of growing.

Step 1: Items

What you need is:
Seeds (I chose Basil since it grows really fast)
Tiny vials (I just found these, I used 4 in this project)
top soil (or dirt)
pipette or syringe (some way of watering the plant)

This project costed be nothing cause I found/had everything.

Step 2: Insert Dirt

take a tiny bit of soil at a time and push it through the neck with a stick, it should take you about 2 minutes per bottle. Put about 3/16 of an inch of dirt (approximate)

Step 3: Insert Seed

need I say more?

Step 4: Fill the Rest

put about 1/4 of an inch on top of the seed using the same method as in step 2.
(I know it's the same picture, but it's dirt, not much to show)

Step 5: Water

Drop about 2-4 drops of water into the vial using either a pipette of a syringe. I only had to water it once for the first week.

Step 6: Put It Under the Sun

or in this case a light. Let it grow for about a week, I used my mom's orchad stand. It took about a week for it to grow.

Step 7: Enjoy!

Enjoy your pocket plant!


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    why can't I grow cactuses? May be just a tiny little bit of water on sand and gravel? No?

    Hey, heres my plant roughy 10 days old, should I remove the one of the two plants?

    1 reply

    humxa yeah i would if i were you, the plant needs to be taken out or it will die because there wont be enough room for the roots.

    humxa yeah i would if i were you, the plant needs to be taken out or it will die because there wont be enough room for the roots.

    Would look cool as a necklace!

    would millet seed be good to use?

    You should add an LED to the top so it gets more light.

    Can I use a darker vial with a blue LED inside? I searched alot but I just found dark brown vials

    I'll try this one but i'm gonna put some blue LEDs to make my flowering seeds grow fast.

    3 replies

    Yup, LED's have special atributions to plants, search that on the net.

    lol interesting use for a crack vial. nice instuctable though. i might do this.

    This is an excellent project!

    Great instructable! i'm gonna try this with mushrooms when i have a chance

    1 reply

     imma try it with cacti ;)