Introduction: Pocket Post-It Plane

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Here is a design for a small, pocket-sized plane made from a post-it note. It is easy to make and flys suprisingly well. This is my entry for the pocket-Sized Contest

Step 1: Get a Post-It Note.

Picture of Get a Post-It Note.

Get a post-it note. The ones with the sticky strip on them are best, others will work, though. Peel of one note, and lay it down sticky side up on a table.

Step 2: Fold the Sticky Strip

Picture of Fold the Sticky Strip

Fold the sticky strip over, letting it stick to the rest of the note.

Step 3: It Starts to Become a Plane...

Picture of It Starts to Become a Plane...

Fold the paper in half, unfold it. Fold down the upper corners. Make sure the sticky strip is in the front.

Step 4: Fold in Sides

Picture of Fold in Sides

Fold in the sides of the plane, there should be two points at the back of the plane. (Look at the pics.) Fold in half again.

Step 5: Fold Out Wings, and Finish Up

Picture of Fold Out Wings, and Finish Up

Fold down the wings, I like to make them even with the bottom of the plane. Re-crease all the joints to make the plane stronger.

Step 6: Put It in Your Pocket

Picture of Put It in Your Pocket

Fold the wings down, so the whole plane is flat. Slide it in your pocket.


vampierwolf (author)2009-07-12

this is a really cool project I hope it wins the some place in the contest. I made different versions.

PAULO98 (author)2009-05-11

sweet i made 13 of these.the fly

PAULO98 (author)2009-05-11

this is a cool paper airplane. i tested the one i made and it flew super

napalm008 (author)2008-04-06

I am sickend my i made up that plane and you copied me

chicks dig me (author)napalm0082008-04-17

technically he didnt copy you

bikeparts24 (author)napalm0082008-04-07

Oh, I looked up "post-it plane" before I made this, and did not see anything. Show me a link to your instructible and I'll delete this. -Bikeparts

struckbyanarrow (author)2008-04-16

awsome! stupid! i mean awesome

napalm008 (author)2008-04-08

the link is here

bikeparts24 (author)napalm0082008-04-08

Your plane is different from mine- they just look the same. You have some different folds in yours, and also, mine is made from a post-it note.

GorillazMiko (author)2008-03-17

I would have entered this in both contests too, but that sucks how your video camera isn't working. =/

Man, I always try this, it never works, I might do it this way though.. nice job.

bahjayum (author)2008-03-16

i would enter this in both contests, the pocket sized and the toss-it ones

bikeparts24 (author)bahjayum2008-03-16

I would, but my video camera is not working, and i have to take a video for the toss-it. Oh well.

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