Here is a design for a small, pocket-sized plane made from a post-it note. It is easy to make and flys suprisingly well. This is my entry for the pocket-Sized Contest

Step 1: Get a Post-It Note.

Get a post-it note. The ones with the sticky strip on them are best, others will work, though. Peel of one note, and lay it down sticky side up on a table.

Step 2: Fold the Sticky Strip

Fold the sticky strip over, letting it stick to the rest of the note.

Step 3: It Starts to Become a Plane...

Fold the paper in half, unfold it. Fold down the upper corners. Make sure the sticky strip is in the front.

Step 4: Fold in Sides

Fold in the sides of the plane, there should be two points at the back of the plane. (Look at the pics.) Fold in half again.

Step 5: Fold Out Wings, and Finish Up

Fold down the wings, I like to make them even with the bottom of the plane. Re-crease all the joints to make the plane stronger.

Step 6: Put It in Your Pocket

Fold the wings down, so the whole plane is flat. Slide it in your pocket.
this is a really cool project I hope it wins the some place in the contest. I made different versions.
sweet i made 13 of these.the fly
this is a cool paper airplane. i tested the one i made and it flew super fast.cool
I am sickend my i made up that plane and you copied me
technically he didnt copy you
Oh, I looked up "post-it plane" before I made this, and did not see anything. Show me a link to your instructible and I'll delete this. -Bikeparts
<sub> awsome! </sub> <strike> stupid! </strike> i mean awesome<br/>
the link is <a rel="nofollow" href="https://www.instructables.com/id/how-to-make-the-fastest-paper-airplane/">here</a><br/>
Your plane is different from mine- they just look the same. You have some different folds in yours, and also, mine is made from a post-it note.
I would have entered this in both contests too, but that sucks how your video camera isn't working. =/<br/><br/>Man, I always try this, it never works, I might do it this way though.. nice job.<br/>
i would enter this in both contests, the pocket sized and the toss-it ones
I would, but my video camera is not working, and i have to take a video for the toss-it. Oh well.

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